Ancient Times

Civilizations were built on ideas and hard work. Early materials which people used in building included not only wood but stone, parts of animals and, of course, clay. A good indicator of how important materials have been for humanity can be found in the names of the ages: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

What about wood? Well, the age of wood has always been present and has been progressing rapidly over the centuries. This material never ceased to help us in our daily lives.

Advancing Through Time

Advancing Through TimeAs civilizations flourished so did people’s techniques of handling these materials. Wood was used for building houses, furniture, even weapons, and jewelry. It has always had multiple purposes which is why it is still very much in use.

Take into this into consideration. Though we used wood for building art before, it was never as developed to the degree it’s on today. With new fields such as interior design, woodworking has found a new place in the home and changed the styling of our homes irreversibly.

Modern Times

Woodworking has developed immensely from its early beginnings. With modern technological innovations and the availability of materials, people have been developing skills at a higher pace. What is more, information about woodworking techniques is more available than ever.

New Tools

New ToolsJust imagine tools before electricity. Every single stroke and task had to be done by using physical force. It definitely took a toll on human bodies more that we will ever know. With the new technological advancements, woodworking has become much safer and more efficient. Tools which can be recharged are game-changers in this field. They also enabled people to make finer movements and pieces. Some ideas simply could not have been achieved a couple of centuries back.

New Purposes

Though it is still a craft which needs to be taken seriosly it is much simpler nowadays than it used to be. This made way for some novel ideas. Another pretty exciting innovation is that woodworking is not used only for furniture but for artwork as well. Many people go into this occupation just to create decorative and aesthetic pieces. In some case, this is very lucrative and people with some entrepreneurial spirit can easily start their own businesses.

New Materials

Materials were not that easy to acquire before. Most woodworkers were limited to what was around them. They couldn’t have even imagined any exotic pieces from other geographical regions let alone work with them. Today, all this is sorted out once the internet has been introduced. You can look up and order any material you need. This is not only practical but, in many cases, very affordable.

Even transportation was a hassle before the modern age. Today, people can use their own cars or simply order shipping of their materials. This is has changed woodworking irreversibly.

So, woodworking has changed on many levels. Prices, materials, means of transportation are all much more functional and easier to obtain in the woodworking field of the modern times.