Our goal is to give woodworking a new dimension. This is an occupation for some and a hobby for others. But let’s face it – it is a true art form. Turning wood into useful furniture or desired decoration is in itself a creative and challenging process. By helping each other out and sharing information shaping wood will become easier than ever. We wish to inspire you to realize your ideas and offer all the information you might need on the way.

Our Products

Decorative carvings

Working with wood can be very rewarding because wood is great for carving. Our handcrafted wood carvings are our trade mark and we are able to produce anything you can think of.


Furniture is something we all need. Our special furniture is made out of the best wood and we can make custom unique pieces. Make your home stand out.


Birdhouses are a nice little touch to add to your yard. We offer a wide range of different bird houses, and we can make models you think of.

Our Product

Wooden toys

Children need their toys to be happy which is why we have a huge offer of wooden toys designed for kids under the age of 4.

Wooden dishes

People are still yet to realize that wooden dishes work! Our offer includes all types of dishes you need, and they are all made out of high-quality wood.

Garden furniture

Nothing makes a garden more complete then a set of wooden furniture. We have dozens of different models to choose from, but we can also make anything you want too.

Woodworking Tips

You should always have a hammer and screwdrivers. These can be useful in many moments during your woodworking sessions. Hammers will do some of the hard physical labor which needs to be done. And screwdrivers are for some finer work.

Never forget to bring a tape measure and a pencil with you. Woodworking requires precision and you don’t want to finish something and realize it’s the wrong height or length.

Basic Woodworking Tools

A good table saw can be a life-saver. It is safe, stable, and does the majority of the physical work for you.

Files come in a wide variety but you’ll only need one. Though not a proper tool, it serves the purpose of smoothing out rough edges and correcting any mistakes.

You will need a power drill. It is precise and has a set of different functions. It will save you a lot of time. Most households will already have one.

What People Are Saying

William Porter

William Porter: I’ve always enjoyed the woodworking chores in the house. However, I didn’t know how little I actually knew until I started exploring. By visiting this site I’ve broadened my knowledge and developed some new skills. It’s good to have such a source for information because this kind of things you can’t discover on your own.

Timothy Crotts

Timothy Crotts: I love shaping wood – it is my hobby. This is why I’m constantly looking for new ideas and tricks in this area. I love keeping myself up to date and trying new things. By following any innovations in techniques and styles a just develop my expertise. Who knows where this hobby might take me.

June Torres

June Torres: My initial experience in woodworking was a disaster! I used all the wrong tools and did a pretty bad job. I wasn’t very hopeful until I got the info I needed. I ended up on this site while browsing and found all the answers I needed. That’s exactly what I needed – a few guidelines.

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