Party pills

Methylenedioxyprovelerone and bath salts a recent addition in drug abuse

Bath salts are the recent drugs that entered the market. However the drugs titled as ‘bath salt’ are not at all used in taking bath but they are packaged as product for having soothing bath, though not for human use.

Few years back, these bath salts were considered legal, and were conveniently available departmental stores as 1p-lsd vendor. They are now labeled as “illegal” in many countries including the USA, therefore they are sold clandestinely.

Bath salts are used as drugs in many ways. These are taken orally, inhaled or are injected. Usually they are in foil packing. These are sold covertly with different names, like ivory wave, white lightening, zoom, purple wave, red dove, blue silk, cloud nine and many other names of the same sort.

Its chemical composition has variety of compounds. A prominent yet trouble making drug of UK , mephedrone is used in making bath salts along with methylenedioxyprovalerone and pyrovalerone. In taking bath salt as a drug, the most dangerous outcomes result by injecting or inhaling. Above mentioned salts are the most commonly used bath salts used as drugs; however there are varieties of other chemicals being used for same purpose as well. These are also called party pills.  Adverse health hazards occur through their uses which are difficult to treat. 

Like other drugs, bath salts react as high potential stimulants. These are mostly preferred by drug abusers who intakes drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine. These drugs are stalwartly addictive and elicit strong yearnings. A drug abuser even after realizing the harmful effects of bath salts cannot stop him from taking them.

Legal Bath salts affects health in many ways. In fact one can easily identify a person on bath salt drug addiction by observing the symptoms. Bath salt causes hypertension causing increase in blood pressure and heart rate. It starts intense chest and kidney pains. It may also trigger psychological malfunctioning by causing hallucinations, delusions, confusions and paranoia. The paranoia state makes the person aggressive; he attempts to harm others and urges to destroy himself. Most of the times they do not listen to anyone, fail to comprehend commands, and become uncontrollable.

Cases have been reported in the UK and the US where bath salt abusers have initiated violence acts resulting in suicidal attempts and multiple deaths.  

 It may create agitation. It rather increases or decreases body temperature at alarming degrees. At times sufferer feels like tearing off his clothes to get some cold as his body temperature increases tremendously. It tensed the muscles and cause nausea.   It reduces the bodily need of sleep and food intake. It shatters the human personality badly and pushes him towards suicidal ideas.

Bath salts however are used in some chemical researches as well. The researchers can buy methylone for sale from authentic shops. It is for saleat some licensed chemical shops. However it is to make sure that methylone is bought and sold legally and for a purpose rather drug abuse. Some countries have paid huge consequences because the misuse of this product.       

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