Category: Project Update

We are thrilled to officially release our labour of love, Touch: The Vista Sans Wood Type Project Book at TYPO Berlin, 17 May 2013. But if you can’t make it, no worries, you can get your copy through big cartel.

Each book is lovingly sewn by hand at Pointed Press and includes a letterpress cover and offset wrap around belly band.

The book’s 132 pages include an essay, process photos and high quality reproductions of each of the twenty one artist/studios’s contribution to the project, in addition to an illustrated preface describing the project in detail and essays by Steven Heller, John D. Berry, Catherine Dixon and Amze Emmons. Edited by Carrie Wicks.

This is a very limited edition release (considering we hand-bind each copy), so when they’re gone … well you get the idea.

Here is a quick snapshot of the vswtp postcards that are being printed from ash cnc wood type. Artists will receive copies in the next two weeks.

As of today, all artists have received their wood type + paper.

project postcards

As many artists have received their type and paper already, all twenty packages have finally left our hands. I was sad to see the type leave the studio but am happy to be finished making boxes and printing ups labels.

Looking forward to seeing how everyone responds to the type on the page…..

Well, we’re not exactly on schedule, (only about 2 weeks late), but we are finally shipping our type and paper. Our international artists’ packages shipped first, followed closely by our national artists.

Here’s the first batch of “5-inch” type, shipped internationally.


We’re shipping!